ANGEL FALLS is three times as tall as EIFFEL TOWER

The Eiffel Tower and romance in Paris … who could ask for anything more on Valentine’s Day? But did you know that this most visited attraction in Paris is three times smaller as world's highest waterfall? Do you even know how high is world's highest waterfall?


Angel Falls are located in Venezuela and are famous for being one of the four most beautiful waterfalls in the world, and as the highest uninterrupted waterfalls in the world.

Angel Falls waterfall in Venezuela is the world's highest uninterrupted waterfall, with a height of 979 metres (3,212 ft) and a plunge of 807 m (2,648 ft). The waterfall drops over the edge of the Auyán-tepui mountain in the Canaima National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site in the Gran Sabana region of Bolívar State. The height figure, 979 m (3,212 ft), mostly consists of the main plunge but also includes about 400 metres (1,300 ft) of sloped cascade and rapids below the drop and a 30-metre (98 ft) high plunge downstream of the talus rapids.

Angel Falls is located in the Guayana highlands, one of the five topographical regions of Venezuela. It plunges off the edge of a tepui, or table-top mountain, called Auyan Tepui (“Devils Mountain”). It is 500 feet wide at its base and in total is 15 times higher than America's Niagara Falls.


Returning on 9 October 1937, Angel tried to land his Flamingo monoplane El Río Caroní atop Auyan-tepui, but the plane was damaged when the wheels sank into the marshy ground. Angel and his three companions, including his wife Marie, were forced to descend the tepui on foot. It took them 11 days to make their way back to civilization by the gradually sloping back side, but news of their adventure spread and the waterfall was named Angel Falls in his honor. The name of the waterfall—”Salto Angel“—was first published on a Venezuelan government map in December 1939.

Angel’s ashes were scattered over the falls on 2 July 1960.

According to accounts of Venezuelan explorer Ernesto Sánchez La Cruz, he spotted the falls in 1912, but he did not publicize his discovery.

Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez was promoting to change the name of the Falls to their original name given by the Pemon Indians many centuries ago, Kerepakupai Vena meaning “the deepest place waterfalls”. However, the decision has never been made official so the Falls are still known by the name of the American aviator Jimmie Angel.


It is possible to charter a plane to Canaima, and then make local arrangements to get to the falls. Many prefer to sign up for a tour that takes care of the details. The most cost-effective tours are booked from Ciudad Bolivar. Prices include the cost of a plane that flies from Ciudad Bolivar to Canaima. A three-day tour that brings you to the falls is reasonably priced; a flight that takes you right over the falls is slightly more expensive.

A typical tour will include the flight to Canaima, and then three days of meals and rustic accommodations at the various campsites along the river towards the falls. Boat rides along with sections of hiking are required to get to the campsites, but the rivers are sometimes not navigable during the dry season. Tour guides typically speak Spanish and English.

Angel Falls lies deep within the National Park. When first entering the park at the airport in Canaima) one must pay the park entrance fee. Trips up to the Falls will usually be in a dugout canoe. The boat rides and walks through the jungle offer a unique view of Venezuelan flora, fauna, and terrain. If the water flow is mild enough, one can swim in the small pool that forms below the falls. The 30-minute walk from the closest point on the river to the base of the Falls is not easy going because of large tree roots on the path, and visitors are advised to wear sports shoes for this hike. Camping is not allowed.

Angel Falls are best seen between the months of May and November. Between December and April, rainfall is much more infrequent and the falls all but evaporate, diminishing to a dribble.


Angel Falls inspired the setting of the Disney animated film Up (2009) although, in the film, the location was called Paradise Falls instead of Angel Falls. It also makes a small appearance in the Disney film Dinosaur.


The Eiffel Tower is the most emblematic monument of the love and a rare person doesn't know anything about it. Millions of travelers from all over the world come to Paris every year to see the Iron Lady but there is some interesting facts you may not have known about this love place:

1. As we now know Eiffel tower is three times smaller than Angel falls (it is 324 metres tall (including antennas)) and weighs 10,100 tonnes.

2. For 41 years, the Eiffel Tower was taller than any other building or structure in the world—until it was surpassed by the Chrysler Building in New York!

3. It took two years, two months and five days to build the tall iron structure, and it was inaugurated on March, 31st of 1889 for the 1889 World’s Fair.

4. During cold weather the tower shrinks by about six inches.

5. Repainting the tower, which happens every seven years, requires 60 tonnes of paint.

6. In 2008 a woman with an objects fetish married the Eiffel Tower, changing her name to Erika La Tour Eiffel in honour of her ‘partner’.

7. There are 20,000 lightbulbs used on the Eiffel Tower to make it sparkle every night.

8. When Gustave Eiffel designed his namesake tower, he cleverly included a private apartment for himself where he hosted famous guests, like Thomas Edison. The apartment is now open for the public to tour.

9. The massive iron structure is wind resistant and will sway during a storm. If the weather is bad enough, it can even move. Wind isn’t the only thing that can make the enormous Tower move, though—the heat of the sun also affects the Tower, causing the iron to expand and contract up to 7 inches.

10. The Tower was built with the intent of showing off France’s industrial prowess during the World’s Fair, but the plan was to tear it down after 20 years. Eiffel had cleverly put a radio antenna and wireless telegraph transmitter in the Tower, and the government eventually decided it was too useful to demolish.

These bits of trivia will make you feel and sound more intelligent in a flash. So if you're looking to appear intelligent at your next social gathering, do your best to memorize these little interesting facts.


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