EXPLORE the city of the Valdemārpils

''It all begins and ends in your mind. How you see the world.''

This time, the story is about 10 times (and even more) walked place and Arvis native town - Valdemārpils.

Although Valdemārpils reaches only 3 km2 in its area, every time you arrive, the eye catches something you haven't seen before.Let's not be long, but get to know - Valdemārpils is a city in the north of Kurzeme, whos lake is the only lake in the Baltics which the bridge is crossing. Its earliest name until 1926 was Sasmaka, which is also the name of this privileged lake.For the first time, Sasmaka's name was heard in the 1582 in fee articles, while in 1644 Sasmaka was granted a free village status. Every single war causes human lives, and during the Great Northern War, most of the Sasmaka population died during the plague between 1710 and 1711. Whatever it was after, but in 1926 Sasmaka was renamed as Valdemārpils. Significantly Valdemārpils named in the name of the New Latvian movement ideologist Krišjānis Valdemārs, who was born in Ārlavas parish and worked as a private teacher in Sasmaka. I would say that in Valdemārpils are not quite many sights what to see, but its peace and the beauty of the natural simplicity surrounding attracts.Arriving at Valdemārpils from Valdzene, before you hit the city, you definitely have to choose a wish before you cross the traffic bridge which goes over the Sasmakas lake. And the most architecturally interesting houses you will see across the Lielā Street, which is also the central street of Valdemārpils.

When you enter the Krasta Street 2 in google search, GPS will take you to the Dupurkalns stage.The height of Dupurkalna hillfort is 8-10m, and historical facts tell us that earlier it was a place of refuge or a sacrificial hill, from which the derived name of the hill was created. There are a number of legends about Dupurkalns, one of which tells us that there was a castle here with many towers, whose places, like elevations on the hill, are still visible today.In 1936, the first region Choral festival took place here, and  next week the newly renovated stage who coust 186,557 euro will be opened here. Interesting fact: Valdemārpils is the only town in the county where there is no cultural house. A 3-minute drive or a 10-minute walk to Valdemārpils Park at Draudzības Street 7 since 1886 has been placed Sasmaka Manor House. Since 1920 there worked Arlava parish board but since 1949 for 31 year there was Valdemārpils secondary school. Nowadays the building is abandoned and the view to it is quite sad, the only signs of life are found on the roof of the building, where some proud pair of stork builds themselves a home. Next to the Sasmakas Manor House there is Elk linden, which is another pride of Valdemarpilis on the Baltic scale. Lime tree. Biggest lime tree in the Baltics, with an 8.5 meter trunk circumference or as Arvis said there need some 50 Enzo to envy this tree. It is said that the age of a tree could be 250-400 years, so this tree could be 400 years older than Enzo. There is also a 17th gun next to the tree, which seems to have been a favorite object of Enzo.

Being on the Valdemārpils side, it is also worth go a bit outside the Valdemārpils border a few kilometers farther you find the largest rural church in Talsi County - Ārlava Church. The Church of Ārlava represents the Neo-Gothic style and, in the context of our story, is special with the fact that Krišjānis Valdemārs was baptized here. Historically it's interesting to walk along Stacijas Street 6, where the narrow-gauge railway line Valdgale-Roja passed through in 1930-1963. Let's read what the folk tales talks about it: ''The train ran on the rail, but grandmother went on the road. A man with a good heart, a conductor has invited a grandmother to sit on the train - relax a piece. "Thank you, son," he refused. "I can't delay this time, I have to hurry!"'' Today, the building is used as an apartment building and still serves the needs of local people.

And after a small tour of one of the cities of Kurzeme, children can go out to the Children's Square on Rožu Street 2 or even better on the beach of Lake Sasmaka, where there is a well-equipped beach with playground and picnic places, you will like it!

P.S. If there is enough power inside, we recommend you go to the Lauma Nature Park which is 8 minute ride from Valdemārpils. There must be at least 2h more, but it is definitely another cool place to go, especially on sunny summer days with children on your side. That's all of us this time. For now bye bye and see you in adventure! :)

Bridge - Straumes iela, Dižliepas, Valdemārpils lauku teritorija, LV-3260 Dupurkalns with stage - Dupurkalna estrāde, Krasta iela 2, Valdemārpils, Valdemārpils pilsēta, LV-3260 Sasmakas Manor House - Sasmakas muiža, Draudzības iela 7, Dižliepas, Valdemārpils lauku teritorija, LV-3260 Old Valdemārpils stacion - Stacijas iela 6, Valdemārpils, Valdemārpils pilsēta, LV-3260 Playground for children - Bērnu laukums, Rožu iela 2, Valdemārpils, Valdemārpils pilsēta, LV-3260 Lake Sasmaka Beach - Sasmakas ezers, Valdemārpils, Talsu novads 57°22'1.517"N 22°36'19.4"E  Laumas Park- Atpūtas Parks Laumas, Laumas, Īves pagasts, LV-3261 Ārlava Church - Ārlavas baznīca, Valdemārpils, Valdemārpils lauku teritorija, LV-3260


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