Gran Canaria | Place to visit in 2020

For all you true travelers out there looking for the greatest place to go in 2020 holidays, we want to share with you one amazing place for your ''WHERE NEXT'' adventure list.

GRAN CANARIA is a fantastic family destination with almost 60 kilometers of beaches and a Biosphere Reserve in the west. It is the third largest island in the Canary Islands and has the largest population.

There is unlimited adventure opportunities here, hike in the Canary Pine forests, sail out to watch whales, visit museums, have fun at a water park, wander its shopping streets, or just lay down on the beach.

Gran Canaria really is the best place to visit for all ages, Its year-round climate makes the search for sun an easy game.

There is a lot to see here, Let's just check out the best ones!


One of the best ways to discover the past of the island is visiting the Painted Cave in Galdar. This Museum and Archaeological Park was discovered in the 19th century by a local farmer and it shows various types of pictures from the pre-Hispanic times from the ancient citizens of the island. They need 24 years to work on the excavations and on the preservation of this archaeological site, which is a very important witness of the aboriginal life. The building of the actual museum is located on the archaeological remains of a village and its visit is a good way to know how the indigenous houses and caves were.


This charming place is home to the 18th century Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pino, dedicated to Gran Canaria’s patron saint, as well as colonial-style architecture. It is one of the oldest towns in the Canaries and regarded as place of pilgrimage. A good day to visit would be on Sundays, when there's also a market happening and the town comes to life.


The bay is 800 meters long and it is one of the most popular beaches in Gran Canaria. It's known for its deep blue crystalline waters, white sand and the peacefulness which offers to its visitors. In order to keep this balance of serenity, Amadores is a non-smoking beach and playing balls is not allowed so it is perfect to unwind and recharge some holistic energy. Amadores was formerly an uninhabited place with huge rocks which were removed to create this magnificent beach that looks like a natural pool. It is surrounded by restaurants with spectacular views serving Canarian cuisine.


Poema del mar is one of the newest tourist attractions in the capital of Gran Canaria, Las Palmas. It has been open to the public since December 2017 and has become a popular destination for tourists. At Poema del Mar you can explore this brand new innovative and modern aquarium, visiting different themed zones and seeing some 350 species of marine life this is a fascinating new attraction.


Crocodilo Park, located in the south east of Gran Canaria close to Agüimes, offers a spectacular crocodile show where the crocs are fed live to show the strength of their jaws . Spectators can also touch a juvenile croc handled by a member of staff. Largely educational, the show explains the habits of these animals that shared the Earth with the dinosaurs. As a private zoo, all proceeds from the entry fee go towards the care of the animals.


Las Canteras beach in northeast Gran Canaria, right in the capital city Las Palmas, is amongst Europe’s most famous city beaches. It’s appeal is due to its natural beauty, city-centre location and the services and amenities along its promenade. At Las Canteras beach you get calm waters and warm weather all year round: Its natural offshore lava reef acts as a wavebreak and protects the sand and the exuberant marine life that make Las Canteras a top snorkeling spot.


Gran Canaria's Palmitos Park is a Jungle Book of fun for all. See colorful parrots swoop around without enclosures, watch dolphins leap in live shows, see birds of prey swoop from the sky and hang with monkeys and more in this animal-tastic island paradise!


Gran Canaria is not only full with sandy beaches and amazing attractions but there is incredibly beautiful mountains, the raw volcanic mountains which are so different than our continental mounts.

Let's see the list of the most interesting hiking trails in Gran Canaria :

Roque Nublo

This natural symbol of the island is a rocky elevation at an altitude of more than 1800 meters and it is one of the most visited tourist sites on the island.

Those who prefer to walk less, can leave their cars in the car park at the Degollada de La Goleta and make a simpler and shorter walk. They are about 1.4 kilometers that can be covered in 20 minutes. It is an easy-moderate uphill route which you can do with children. The surroundings of the route will impress you.

Caldera de Bandama

The hike to the bottom of the caldera will take a reasonably-fit person no more than half an hour of their time, although the return trek will be at least 15 minutes more, given that it's a steep climb more suited to mountain goats than humans.

It is a demanding trek with an average gradient of 18%, along the walk you can see plants such as white echium and wild olive tree as well as island birds like the kestrel and the blackcaps. Don’t forget to take sun cream.

Ruta de las Presas

If you are more adventurous and prefer to do go hiking in Gran Canaria with higher intensity, we recommend La Ruta de las Presas. With a length of approximately 12.2 kilometers, it is a route reserved for the most experienced hikers who are keen on long-distance trekking, even though its difficulty level is medium.

On this route, you can see some of the most spectacular volcanic formations on the island, visit the Rural Park of the Cloud, the Natural Park of Pilancones and also get to know the traditional cave houses (inheritance of the aboriginal past) that still remain on the island located in the small town of Las Casas.


In Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, you will travel to the desert without leaving Spain! On this route, you will be able to fully enjoy the sun and sand while tanning your skin.

You can start the route from La Charca to end in Bahía de Ingles. Cross the dunes or walk along the seashore. Either is a good option to enjoy this unique natural space!


you must wander:

What is special about the Canary Islands?

Food on the Canary Islands is an exotic mix of Spanish, North African and Mediterranean, and uses many exciting ingredients. The La Gomera banana is a rare and aromatic delight, it doesn't grow on mainland Spain so comes as a special treat.

As in the rest of Spain, in the Canary Islands the official language is Spanish. However, as in the majority of countries, there are many people who speak English, the second most spoken language, and many people also understand German.

When should I go to Canary Islands?

The best times to visit the Canary Islands are between March and May and from September to November. Winter and summer bring loads of tourists, which make accommodations more expensive and more difficult to find.

What food do they eat in Gran Canaria?

With the emphasis on freshness, everyday Canarian dishes comprise grilled meats or fish (tuna, parrot fish, vieja, swordfish, sea bass), soups, stews and vegetables – many of which are surprisingly hearty. The best way to discover an authentic culinary experience is to eat like – and eat with – the locals.

Are there sharks in Gran Canaria?

There have never been any fatal shark attacks in Gran Canaria, and only five attacks on humans in the last 100 years. ... There are a number of shark species in the coast off the island, including hammerheads, makos and bull sharks.

Can I drink the water in Gran Canaria?

Las Palmas and Gran Canaria's drinking water is high in minerals and chlorine but is technically safe to drink. ... That said, the tap water in Gran Canaria doesn't taste very good so most locals buy big bottles of drinking water.

What currency is used in Gran Canaria?


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