Hike up to Trolltunga

Actually this was our first hike together, and for sure the epic one too. The Trolltunga hike is an all day round trip – up muddy hills, across rocky slopes, through snowfields and along cliff edges. It’s one of the best ways to experience the stunning landscapes of Norway, as well as a good challenge for any kind of relationships. I would like to say that we make it good, but I will let you know if Arvis will want to go somewhere with me again. (it's a joke, for sure).

Trolltunga is one of Norway’s most popular hikes for a good reason. It is not so hard, it's incredibly beautiful and the view at the end at the Troll’s tongue is definitely worth to add this hike to your bucket list.

Before we start our hiking journey, there were a long way up to start point. We drive 6 hours with a car from the city Tonsberg to our accommodation place. We book a small and cozy camping ( Håradalen Cottages and Hostel) for the night and on June 9 morning we were ready to go to make this hike happen. Start point was 1 h 26 min/ 59 km away from our camping place, so we wake up at 6 am to be ready to start at 9 am.

+ If you go plan to go to Trolltunga, we suggest you to see the Latefossen waterfall. Låtefossen is without a doubt one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Norway and is easy to access: road Rv13 runs along the base of the waterfall. Låtefossen is being fed by the river Austdølo and several lakes on the Hardangervidda. The Reinsnosvatnet on an altitude of 595 meters is one of the biggest lake that feeds the river Austdølo. Melting water thunders down with a great force over 165 meters in two separate streams. The power, the shape and the surrounding makes Låtefossen number 1 waterfall to see in the Norway.

BUT, let's continue about the hike.There is a new car park that shaves off the first big climb of the hike. If you park here, the hike will be shorter with less elevation gain than is listed above. Parking here will save you about 3 hours hiking till start point, BUT, there are only 30 spots (parking fee: NOK 600 per day) so you need to get here very early in the morning.

So the journey from here continues through snow banks, across slippery rocky paths, along a narrow cliff edge, up some more muddy inclines and then, eventually to the final destination.

It was little bit rainy when we start and the fog sometimes overshadowed the view, but the hike itself seemed easy game. After like one hour the wind get stronger and colder and for me make some pictures was no longer topical option while Arvis like a crazy one go up and down and talked with his little camera all the time. It felt like a early spring here, so there where a lot of snow which made the hiking challenge rewarding.

As I said before, the hike itself was easy for us, but because of weather conditions which changed very quickly, it made it hard, so, for this reason we realy,realy suggest you to take enough clothes to handle hot, cold and wet conditions.

The route is well marked along the way. The trail is marked with the red letter T painted in the terrain and there are also some signs along the route, where the path is not completely obvious, there are small piles of rocks that you should walk between to stay on the correct route.

Whatever the weather was, It was worth it, I say, off road always seems easier, because when you see final destination, you have that feeling, yes, we made it. And here, when you finally stand out on the Troll’s Tongue and look down to the fjord, you have only one thought - In spite of ups and downs, this is incredible travel experiences I have.

Okey, there is another one - Ohh, one step in the wrong direction or one slip and...

So, not be a freak, be safe! Can I say small fact that after 2010 year, there is more and more deaths every year? Because this stupid trend to make ''cooler'' picture to the stone? Please, before you go to make some jumping picture, think about your family and loved ones behind you!

+ When it's hiking season ( it's realy starts at the end off June), there are many hikers, so be ready to stand in the line for like 1-2 hour to make picture to the stone.

The walk itself is difficult but not the most strenuous hike you will ever do. However, you do need to be aware of safety.

Do you wanna hear the hardest thing for us? There were no shops or toilets along the way. So, before you start the hike, make shore you feel ready for that, and yes, take plenty of food with you, you will need it.

You don’t need to worry about water, though. The water that flows through the little creeks along the way is perfectly drinkable so just bring a bottle that you can fill up and you will be ok.

To be prepared, we suggest take with you :

good boots

plenty of food

hot water termoss ( we didn't have, but we would be happy if have)

water bottle

waist bag (it was a rely good and useful thing for us, I put my phone, some bars and tissues in it, so I haven't pull up and take off heavy backpack all the time)


changing shoes ( on the way back there started raining, and we are all wet, so, some changing shoes would have been useful that time)

gloves ( be ready that temperature out there is lower than down the hill, even if it seems like a sunny day)

you can take with you tent if you want and stay for the night, there you can build it wherever you want

And good company, without it, it will feel like a never ending story :)

We made the trail in 9 hours / 28km, but I say, that the spending hours not only up to your body preparedness, you have to be ready for disturbing weather and standing in the line which extends spent hours in the trail.

IMPORTANT! This definitely not hike where to go with kid who can't walk. Leave them in the camping with loved ones, like we do, or wait for the time when he will be prepare to go there with you.

Enzo spend the time with grandparents at the camping, which was the best from the best for him.

So, let's pack your bag and go, it will be an unforgettable adventure, we swear!



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