Iljins make a massive 5th place at World SUP Championship in China

Such a great last week for Enzo explore team in ICF (International canoe federation) World SUP Championship. Arvis Iljins match 5th place in the tight sprint race and wins 11th place in his first technical race competition ever.

Two of our team members Arvis Iljins and Irbe Dāvidsone with little Enzo by side went to China, city of Qingdao full with coastal scenery, parks and German architecture, to competit in ICF World SUP Championship. With entries more than 200 participants, 41 countries signed up, this was the biggest world championship held outside Europe.

This was Arvis second World championship and he seemed very happy about his results.

Arvis first competition was in the sprint race where he seemed like a fish in the ocean but as Arvis says himself the technical race was a new find for him.

" I felt pretty good in the sprint race day, semifinals was an easy game for me, but in final I miss something. I hadn't got this right feeling on the start line, I had two little fails in the distance which maybe cost medal for me, but anyway, I got 5th place in such a big competition, I am more than happy about that."

"After sprint race I didn't want to participate in technical race day, actually my girlfriend talked me in to it. I felt pretty good after sprint race day, I just wanted to stay on this wave. But you see, I got this race. I went to it with just one though- just have fun. And actually I felt more than fun. I can say this was one of the best races in my life, I felt so good in it. If before I was that though that it is not for me, than now I see this race like a new perspective for me. Offcourse, I have so much to work on it and my shape wasn't the best for it, but I already leaved behind bunch of world top leaders. "

Asking Arvis about his future goals, he is pretty clear. " For now it's all about money, I would like to competit in next year ICF in German if I have a chance, but about other competitions I can't say anything. If there rise some sponsor for me, I feel more than ready to continue beat the goals, but If not, I will need to leave stand up paddling like a hobby for the weekends."

Also this was a special week for our team main designer Irbe Dāvidsone. She was competit in hers first World championship and got 7th place in inflatable race distance. As Irbe said, she feels very happy about her race, for she it was all about having fun and she had lot of fun in the race.

"You know, my hardest training is the real life, spending daily life with 1year 3months old Enzo. When I go into water, there is just me, my time to relax. And I enjoy every chance of it. Also I was very happy to demonstrate our Enzo explore team fresh new uniform which was mixed between our latest collection "Go in to world" and "under the leaves" outfits. I got a lot of kind words about our outfit these days, so many praises as the best dressed team in the competition, so, I am very grateful for it. ''

"Talking about future, you know, you never know, but I got the feeling to want participate in next year ICF in Germany too. But this time in sprint and long distance race. See how it goes."

This was the first ICF World SUP Championship and it was amazing one. Beautiful city, with amazing views around everywhere, it was glamour to be here. Despite to some hooks and fragmentation on the race days, competition was great and the atmosphere was unspeakable. Professionalism was high and its chance to see video streaming all over the world was the best. Good job and the best wishes to all International canoe federation team.


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