Largest Living Tree in The World is Two Times as Tall as Rain Vortex

You're going to need a very long set of arms to hug the largest living tree in the world called General Sherman and very open mind to enjoy the world's highest indoor waterfall two times smaller as the tree.


The largest tree in the world is a Sequoiadendron giganteum in California's Sequoia National Park. Called General Sherman, the tree is about 52,500 cubic feet (1,487 cubic meters) in volume.

Dubbed General Sherman after the Civil War general, this behemoth lives in the north end of Giant Forrest in Sequoia National Park, California, and towers about 84 meters (275 feet) high. At its base, this giant is about 31 meters (103 feet) around, roughly equal to fourteen and a half Shaquille O'Neals lying head-to-foot around the base of the tree.

Despite its impressive height and width, it is not the tallest or widest tree around. Instead, its distinction as the largest living tree is judged by the volume of its huge trunk -- 52,500 cubic feet .

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks lie adjacent to each other in the southern Sierra Nevada and make a wonderful playground, no matter the season.

Anyone can see the Sherman Tree. It's located at the north end of an area known as the Giant Forest within Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks. Two hiking trails lead to the tree, the most direct route being a 0.5-mile hike from the parking area on Wolverton Road. The roads and trails within the national park are well marked, and maps are available at the park visitor centers, as well as online through the National Park Service website. The tree is also accessible along the park's shuttle route. Many mistakenly believe the General Sherman Tree to be the giant sequoia with a tunnel in it that you can drive a car through; that tree was located in Yosemite National Park until it fell during high winds in 1969.


  • Giant sequoias only reproduce by seeds which sometimes remain in the cone for 20 years. Forest fires help open the cones which then grow from the burnt, bare soil.

  • General Sherman is not only the largest living tree, but the largest living organism, by volume, on the planet. At 2,100 years old, it weighs 2.7 million pounds, is 275 feet tall and has a 102-foot circumference at the ground. It has branches that are almost 7 feet in diameter.

  • Giant sequoias have very specific climate requirements, so specific that they grow naturally only in a narrow 260-mile strip of mixed conifer forest on the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountains, primarily between 5,000 and 7,000 feet in elevation.


The Rain Vortex is an indoor waterfall in Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore which was opened on 17 April 2019. It is the world's largest indoor waterfall at 40 metres (130 ft) in height and surrounded by a four-storey terraced forest.

The waterfall was designed by Safdie Architects, as the centerpiece of the airport, with the goal of making Changi airport an attraction and to encourage Singapore leisure travel. The sculpture is the jewel of the airport and Singapore.

The work on The Rain Vortex began in 2014. Safdie has been at the forefront in championing architectural designs, that respond to extreme weather and temperature conditions.

The overhead dome has a thick glass, that absorbs any aircraft noises produced during landing or taking off. The roof was also tested to ensure, that it does not emit reflections, which could potentially distract air traffic controllers.

The waterfall is surrounded by terraces, with more than 200 plant species. The terraced garden is referred to as the Shiseido Forest Valley and it is dotted with small waterfalls.

This glass-encased building does not only serve as a portal to Singapore’s Changi Airport, but also as an entertainment and retail destination. So, whether you are travelling to Singapore or just waiting for a connecting flight, The Rain Vortex is worth seeing.


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