Latvian coastline hike: 1 day, 32km, Mersrags- Roja

Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.

Winter can be tough for people who love the outdoors. When the sun sets early it can be tempting to chilling inside the house with some warm tea rather than go for an outdoor adventure. But the shorter days and longer nights of winter do offer something that warmer- full with emotions hike. Since the the sun starts to dip behind the horizon well before bedtime during the winter, a winter hike could be the perfect way to spend the weekend.

In last days of November we were on our way to continue second part of Latvian coastline hike (498 km), which is a part of the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route (1200 km) which includes Latvia and Estonia ambit.

Our this time goal was ~65km, 2 day hike from Mērsrags to Kolka. But the situation changed and we end the hike on 32km.

We start our hike early in the morning, at 5:50am we were in the bus on the way to our start point in Mērsrags and 7am we were ready to start our adventure. The weather in the beginning was better as we thought, so we were pretty happy about that. Yeap, it was foggy and because of darkness it was little bit strange and uncomfy to walk, but after first kilometers you are already in the rhythm and forget about the uncomfy additions. But there is one thing you can't forget. That shitty, heavy bag on the shoulders. 15 kg bag possibly is the main thing which disturb us in the hike. Clavicle and shoulders are hurting all the time and you actually can't do anything to change it. Deal with it or stay home. What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger, you know!

In my opinion the hike itself this time was more beautiful than previous Mērsrags- Kauguri hike. More diverse and more challenging because of the rainy weather and variable road surface. We seen an incredible variety of nature along the way including several squirrels, birds, forest berries, mushrooms and more. And the geological formations along the trail are equally impressive with the hills, stones, small rivers to cross and forest to go.

I would say that first 20 km was an easy game, after that the rain get stronger, the sun had set and the coastline became difficult walked. We needed to walk through the forests and the highways which wasn't what we expected from the hike. Plus we were not prepared reflective vests, so, basically we not only endangering our lives but also violated Latvian road traffic rules.

So, yeap, on 32 kilometer directly in Roja we decide to end the hike and continue it another time. Off course I have to mention that our strength this time wasn't the best, I felt low right in the start and maybe we shouldn't go at all. In the hike I ask us, why we even do it. I think it's the most important thing you have to prepare before hike. And I think if we have inspired you to also go in the any kind of adventures, before you go, you should ask yourself why. Why you challenge yourself?

This was really thoughtful hike and I already can't wait for the next parts and when I looking back, I can say, It was wonderful.

See you!



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