Latvian coastline hike: 2 days, 60 km, Mersrags - Kauguri

Every week we all have the same decision: What shall do for a holiday, go out or stay home? What do you prefer?

Don't forget to be alive! A walk in nature can be good for your head, your happiness and your relationship, so WE decided to go into world, explore the beaches, forests and nearby views.

Our newest adventure goal is to hike all Latvian coastline (498 km), which is a part of the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route (1200 km) which includes Latvia and Estonia ambit.

We started our hike at 11:30 am from Mērsrags bus stop. Forward to us was 60km hike through the Mērsrags, Bērzciems, Abragciems, Ķesterciems, Plieņciems, Apšuciems, Klapkalnciems, Ragaciems, Lapmežciems, Bigauņciems, Jauņķemeri till the finish in Kauguri.

This time we left little Enzo at home, actually for the first time ever, and went for the most incredible hike we have ever been together. The Latvian coastline was really different like we imagine it. It was full with surprises and I can say that beautiful, easy walked sea line was just 50% of the road.

Latvian coastline hiking route mainly leaded us along sandy beaches, in some places, rocky beaches, and for short stretches, through coastal meadows. There were well-trodden trails and small roads in the seaside forests. In some areas, the sand was soft, which made walking difficult.

Our first 10 km was the most difficult, our 17 kg heavy backpacks make us feel uncomfortable, so we needed many times stop to sorted out equipment. Our first 10 km we made just in 5 hours, at that moment we start to think that we didn't make this hike in 2 days.

Our windburner was broken, so we needed to make our food to real fire, which made our food breaks longer as we want it.

This was absolutely a perfect time to go explore sea side, nature changes its colors and trough the forest we saw mushrooms, berries and nuts all the way long and in the coastline we saw how birds migrate South. The wind was calm and weather sunny, which was comfy for our walk, but not for our back (our backpack was full with warm clothes what made half of weight we carry).

On the way to Ragaciems, after walk till the night, we finish our 40 km first day hike at 2 am. We built our tent next to little river just by the sea and take your nap till the 7 am sunrise.

Actually we have never been in the 5 star hotel but we slept in the 5 million star hotel and the view in the morning was worth more than any luxury hotel in the world.

For the second day (last day) we left 20 km hike just thinking that it will be fast and easy hike till the finish. But it actually wasn't like that. We had blisters on our foots and shoulders hurt on every step. We tried to often make pause breaks to let our abrasion rest, even ran in the cold sea to fresh ourselves to stay concentrated.

But somehow we made it, hand to hand, next to each other, we beat this freaking road at second's day 3 pm. With messy hairs, full with vitamin D in our bones, fresh air in our lungs. With zero fights and more love. We came back with experience how world is beautiful.

Exploring is a great way to experience a new world but also pushes you out of your comfort zone , teaches you to be self-dependent and also makes us learn how to handle situations,travel also helps in building pleasant and beautiful memories which later can bring a smile on your face. Let's build that smile on your face and go to see the world.

Do. To don't forget to be alive!

Arvis Iljins made a big job to make you see our hike in visible format. Enjoy our newest vlog, press like and who knows maybe in the next part of Latvian coastline hike we will see you with us!

See you! See you in adventure!



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