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There’s a lot of advice out there for a romantic dates to impress that special someone in your life. If you are someone who craves adventure and excitement in the outdoors, you probably aren’t dating the average person. That’s why for you and your significant other, an ideal date would be a white water rafting trip on the Magpie river.

Raftting is excellent adventure for extreme lovers. Least we can say you won’t get bored. Rafting is a sport where everyone is part of the success. You will be sailing on an inflatable raft, and you will most likely end up jumping and swimming in the river, while discovering wild parts of the river. Hours of cruising between rocks, and riding white waters will leave some sort of mark on your couple. You will get to test you trust and believe in each other, Magpie river rafting is the perfect experience to see how your team works!!


The Magpie River is a 200 kilometres (120 mi) river in the Côte-Nord region of Quebec which flows from the Labrador Plateau to empty into the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River east of Sept-Îles, Quebec.

The river is 200 km long and flows from the Labrador Plateau into the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River east of Sept-Îles, Quebec. Magpie is known for its breathtaking beauty, wild water, and surrounding greenery. Nature-lovers and outdoor adventures love the river for its white-water rafting, canoeing and kayaking.

Magpie has worked its way into the hearts of many adventure seekers and has gained international acclaim due to its outstanding white-water tourism.


Magpie offers a week-long adventure full of wild fun. During Rafting Magpie Expedition, you can get to visit some of the most remote and breathtaking locations Quebec has to offer all while enjoying the great outdoors. These seven days are jam-packed with rafting, sea kayaking, hiking, swimming, and exploring

During this adventure you can get to explore areas few people have seen while tackling 4+ rapids located in one of Canada’s most famous rivers. You can camp on breathtaking islands and be constantly surrounded by nature’s magnificence. Become an expert tracker as you learn to decipher between the tracks of a moose, bear, wolf and or lynx. Witness, star filled nights that may include sights of the Northern Lights. Walk around ancient forest, smell the fresh scent of pine trees laden and enjoy the wonderful sounds of water caressing the rocky shores. This Rafting Magpie Expedition takes you through remote falls, deep pools and pristine waters, all while offering the adventure of a lifetime.

more about this expedition you can find here


France surrendered Quebec to the British during The Battle of the Plains of Abraham in 1759.

Quebec City is the capital of the province of Quebec, not Montreal.

The Algonquin word “Kebec” translates to “where the river narrows.”

A magpie is a long-tailed crow of the Corvidae family, it has boldly marked plumage and a noisy call. The black and white Eurasian magpie is considered one of the most intelligent animals in the world and one of the only nonmammal species that is able to recognize itself in a mirror test.

The province of Quebec is Canada's greatest producer of maple syrup!

In 1995 Quebec almost separated from Canada when the referendum only failed by less than 1% of the vote.

Quebec’s forest covers more than 750,000 km2! This makes its forest just as big as Sweden and Norway combined! It represents 20% of the Canadian forests and 2% of the world’s forests.

Sept-îles is home to around 3,000 Native Americans living in the Uashat mak Mani-Utenam Indian Reserve located in the city.

Sept-île is the northernmost town of Quebec with a significant population (25,000 inhabitants).


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