No-Bake Cranberry Cheesecake Jars | TRAVEL SNACKS

Fast made and tasty no-bake cranberry cheesecake jar recipe. Skip the oven and make yourself an easy cheesecake for great travel brake snack.

It's best to keep your, your friends or families stomachs as happy as possible when you travel. This recipe is our favorite road trip breakfast idea and it always makes us good to go! Choose the berries that you like best, optional add chocolate if you love it, and make your trip incredible all its ways.


180 g cookies

100 g melted butter

200 ml 35% heavy cream

70 g sugar

150 g cream cheese, at room temperature

15 g unflavored powdered gelatin

50 ml water

100 g blueberries

for cranberry jam:

100 g cranberries

2 tsp lemon juice

3 tbs sugar

1 tsp unflavored powdered gelatin


1. Sprinkle the 15 g gelatin over the 50 ml cold water in a microwave-safe bowl or glass measuring cup.

2. Crash 180 g cookies in small pieces. You can use your blender or food processor to make cookie crumbs. Or place the cookies in a plastic bag and hit them with a rolling pin until they're crushed. I crushed with hands

3. Add 100 g melted butter to cookies and mix well. Put in jars and let it cool in refrigerate

4. Microwave the gelatin for 20 to 30 seconds, until the gelatin is dissolved and liquid. I melted in a pot. Set aside to cool.

5. Meanwhile, place 200 ml heavy cream, 70 g sugar in a bowl and, using an electric mixer, beat until smooth and creamy.

6. Add 150 g ream cheese and mix well

7. Add melted gelatin and again mix together

8. Fill the jars with blueberries

9. Fill the cream in jars and place the jars in refrigerator

10. Meanwhile, make cranberry jam

11. Pour 100 g cranberries, 2 teaspoon lemon juice , 3 table spoon sugar into a pot and heat until secreted juice

12. Add tablespoon not melted gelatin and mix well. Let jam cool for 15 min

13. Fill the jars with jam and let the jars cool in refrigerator for an hour

Enjoy your best breakfast in the jar!


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