Story about how idea about t-shirt ''Fun SUP'' came up

Actually behinde every design has a whoile story. And story about Enzo t-shirt is very special. When I was pregnant with Enzo I badly want to make him something special, something just for him. I have a idea that I want to draw him picture about we three. Enzo father is a profesional sup racer, thats why there is a board but I'm a huge fan of pineapples, but Enzo is the little crazy shark who's always on the wave, something middle of me an Arvis. First I deside to tambored this picture, as you can see, it's not finish yet . Hope one day I will. When Enzo born I so many times said to Arvis that I want to t-shirt for Enzo with this design. So we finally did.

I will try to tell those stories about our designs often if you like. We are sou much to say, so, keep in touch and see you in adventures.


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