Summer ends and colours change. What to choose for autumn look?

Summer ends and colours change. So did our colour palette have changed. With new colour combinations and different styles we coming out with new design collection- GO INTO WORLD.

It's about what's on the other side, other side of our continent or just next to our neighborhoods. About how people live there, how they look and think. This design is all about it! Inspired by the colours of the world, with small steps each day we want you to know this world, to explore our world. Stylized world map design with footprints on every continent and even is the ocean and inaccessible places is like a message to go into world, see this world, and EXPLORE our world.

Talking about NEW collection colour shades, maybe you already noticed that on this season the top color is green, all shades of it, especially pistachio. Global fashion search platform Lyst have noticed a rise in specific green shade searches. There's been a 19% rise in searches for more earthier tones including 'moss green,' 'sage green' and 'crocodile green' items in the past month. There is 168% increase in last month's new arrivals of sage green/pastel khaki products compared to the same time in 2017. It’s also a colour being used in design and interiors at the moment, so we can say that green is on top.

Maybe there we can mention The Rising Trend of Zero Waste Lifestyle. Zero-waste way of living has taken the world by storm. Terms like biodegradable, plastic-free, plant-based, compostable and reusable seem to pop up from everywhere and slogan green goes with it. /Enzo Explore follow along and in online shop section Eco you already a while can find friendly living products./

But with green nothing stops, within goes others naturally occurring colours, which you can notice on every our collection product. So, GO. ENJOY. and as always SEE YOU IN ADVENTURE!


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