Tunnel of Love, Ukraine | MYSTERIOUS PLACES

Just outside the city of Klevan in Ukraine, a nearly two-mile stretch of private railway has turned the surrounding trees into an enchanting natural tunnel.

There are no much information about this place history and background story which makes this place an even bigger mythical destination to explore.

This is one of the most photographed places in Ukraine. Visitors travel from around the world to see the famous tree tunnel running through the small western town of Klevan.

The Tunnel of Love is a section of industrial railway located near Klevan, Ukraine, that links it with Orzhiv. It is a railway surrounded by green arches and is three to five kilometers in length. It is known for being a favorite place for couples to take walks.

The line starts at Klevan station, on the Kovel-Rivne line, and reaches the northern area of Orzhiv, also served by a station on the main line. The whole line is about 6.4 km long.,and about 4.9 km is covered by forest.


The reason for its green splendor is not only for beauty’s sake. The many trees that line the railway were planted strategically, as they were grown for discretion when transporting military goods to a secret base in the middle of the forest during the Cold War.

Splitting off of an already existing railway that transported mostly plywood, Ukraine created a second track that created a fork with the original, a travel route which directly led to the secret military base. The “Tunnel of Love” still serves as a cultural and historical Ukraine symbol to the people of the country and of the wider world.


The tunnel is at its lushest during the spring and summer when the trees are at the peak of their leafiness, but the colorful foliage of fall and snow-covered branches of winter make for captivating sights as well.


Otherwise, the railway tracks through the tree tunnel make for a lovely stroll for couples and singles alike. The romantic setting earned this stretch of track its nickname, the “Tunnel of Love.” It’s also called the Green Mile Tunnel, for the bright leafy branches that arch over the railway.

It is said that if you and your beloved come to the Tunnel of Love and sincerely make a wish, it will come true. This might be a new romantic place to discover.


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