Wansheng Ordovician Theme Park | TEST YOUR FEAR OF HEIGHTS

China's Wansheng Ordovician Theme Park, which is located 100 km outside Chongqing, is for the bravest. It's very known for its thrilling, high-altitude activities, which is highly-popular popular for extreme travel lovers. There you can enjoy world's longest glass footbridge, cliff swing that makes you scream, and rope swing perched on the edge of a 300-meter-high cliff that will challenge your limitation. Wansheng Ordovician Theme Park is located on the top of Heishan Mountain with 1300 meters altitude.


The park’s most popular attraction no doubt is the world’s longest cantilevered glass walkway. The bridge is completely transparent so that you can appreciate the severe drop beneath the sheet of glass that supports you. At a cost of 40 million yuan (US$6.5 million) to construct, the bridge took one year to build and was accredited by Guinness World Records as the longest of its kind.

The walkway extends 80 metres (262 feet) from the cliff edge, and is suspended almost 121 metres (400 feet) above a gaping chasm.


You have to be a little crazy to swing at this tipe of swing.

Not quite the relaxing time but unforgettable though, this attraction takes extreme swings to a whole new 1,000 foot (300 metre) level. Wearing only a harness, adrenaline junkies are pushed by a member of staff as they swing off the edge of a vertical cliff-face.


Walking across the bridge has never been more essential.This 152 metre (500 foot)-high gap bridge in the sky is essentially little more than a horizontal ladder with big gaps in between each ledge. Protected only by a harness, guests live life on the edge as they precariously hop from one ledge to the next – trying not to fall between the cracks.


Chinese theme park attraction was shut down after thrill seeker’s lucky escape

Footage of the incident shows the man leaping across a giant walkway suspended in mid-air with gaping holes between each plank. As he makes the final jump, the rope securing him to an overhead frame breaks from his safety harness, just as he reaches the opposite podium.

The man appears calm throughout, turning around and smiling after reaching the other side. About a second later he realizes what has happened and is seen holding up the severed cable.

There is no safety net beneath the bridge, which is suspended over a sheer drop of 152 meters (500 feet) onto the rocks below.

So, a thrill-seeker’s paradise or a nightmare of the highest degree? You decide.


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