Why organic cotton is better for your baby

Our babies is absolutely the most precious thing in our lifes. So why not treat them as such?

Many people are unaware that using the wrong products for their baby can make a huge difference in their comfort and well-being in general.

Are you using organic cotton for your baby? If not, this is definitely something you should start to think about. For those of you who are already thinking organic when it comes to their food, why wouldn’t you take care that they’re getting organic care on the outside, too?


The main difference is really how it’s made. The process of making conventional cotton actually uses many different harmful chemicals and toxins that don’t leave the cotton once it is made into baby clothing and blankets. This means that when you tuck your baby away in their favorite onesie, you’re actually wrapping them in factory produced, chemical-ridden materials.

It’s more eco-friendly: Did you know 25% of insecticides worldwide are used on conventionally grown cotton. Or that 20% of all water pollution on earth is a result of producing conventional fabrics? These numbers are staggering, and they’re another important reason why you should go organic when possible.

They are more comfortable: It goes without saying that the fewer chemicals that are applied to them, the softer fabrics are.


In organic cotton are fewer chemicals: Apparel made of conventional or synthetic fabrics often contains pesticides, harsh dyes, and flame retardants. And many of those are known carcinogens that contribute to skin irritation and rashes. Because their skin is more permeable and they have smaller body masses, babies are simply more vulnerable to these hazards.

The difference between organic cotton and conventional cotton is really everything. Organic cotton is simply made and processed naturally and without any harsh chemicals, unlike conventional cotton. This is why organic cotton baby clothes is a much better choice for your child.


Did you know that an infant’s skin can be up to 5 times thinner and more sensitive than an adult’s? An infant’s skin is also much more absorbent than ours as well. This means that when you put conventional cotton on your baby, they are much more likely to absorb any toxic materials and are more likely to have skin irritation because of the sensitivity.

Organic cotton are safer and last longer. Studies show that organic cotton is safer for infants. Due to the absence of toxic chemicals such as herbicides, insecticides and pesticides, cotton plants can grow naturally while keeping all the nutrients intact. Moreover, organic cotton is superior in quality. Since it can retain its natural state, organic cotton is antimicrobial, mold resistant and smooth. These characteristics allow the skin to breathe and avoid skin allergies making the baby happy and comfortable.

Organic cotton clothes are important for your baby because you really want to limit their irritants and exposure to chemicals when they’re developing. This will not only keep them healthier and help them develop more natural, but it will also keep them a lot more comfortable due to limiting the irritants around them.

Organic cotton baby clothes helps keep your little one healthy and happy!

If you really want to make a difference in your baby’s life, then organic cotton baby clothing is the way to go. There’s really no better way to dress your baby than in real, organic, comfortable, and toxin-free clothes!

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