Why you shouldn't drink a tea or coffee from paper cups

We all wish we could have a slow morning at home, sipping fresh coffee or tea and strolling out to work or school. The fact is life comes at us fast, and our morning routines likely requires a run to the local coffee shop to grab something to go. But is it good for us and also nature around us?

You even know that 16 billion takeaway coffee cups are used every year? And so 6.5 million trees cut down to make them?

It’s a huge number what we should think about.. Unlike most paper items, paper cups contain 5% polyurethane plastic, making composting and recycling of disposable cups extremely rare. ...

Half a trillion disposable cups are manufactured annually around the world; that’s over 70 disposable cups for every person on the planet. So, basically, 35% of the total trees are chopped down for single-use coffee paper cups.

And making this more serious you should know that this is one of the main reasons that consumer waste has increased more than tenfold over the 20th century, from 40kg to 560kg of waste per person, per year.

It's gradually becoming common a seriously problem to our future. Recent studies have shown that plastics in the ocean decompose faster than was once thought, due to exposure to sun, rain, and other environmental conditions, resulting in the release of toxic chemicals such as bisphenol A. Research has linked even low-dose BPA exposure to cardiovascular problems, including coronary artery heart disease, angina, heart attack, hypertension, and peripheral artery disease. Findings suggest that this type of exposure could trigger arrhythmias, atherosclerosis, and blood pressure changes.

So, how about keep things eco-friendly? Environmentally friendly?

Save yourself a few pennies by having a great travel coffee mug and continue the Explore of a lifetime with Enzoexplore Travel Mug for the Great Adventure.

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So, cheers to a better world and see you in adventure!



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