Would you do it? Cliff jumping on Hawaii

It's something unspeakable about jumping into the unknown. For many travelers who search for thrill, the best respite from the vacation heat comes in the form of naturally made dive site. And for those who don't have the experience to safely jump, you can sit back, relax and watch the others make a splash. Let's explore one of the top places were to jump!


This 30 ft nerve shredding jump, located at State park in Laie, Hawaii,will not leave it unnoticed.

This place is easily accessible with scenic views of the ocean lined by a rocky coast and a ready made creak which makes makes it easy to ascend back up to the top for more action. This actually is a popular spot, so don’t expect to be the only ones there. It is possible that this place has gained mega popularity because of the Forgetting Sarah Marshall movie, were you can recall the cliff jumping scene. It was shot right in this place. If this excites you, you should know that leaping from Laie Point isn’t a Sunday walk.


+ Make sure if you take the plunge, do it during the summer as during the winter months the waves get seriously large.

+ The turbulent waves can sweep away people who cliff dive. As always, assess whether you can and should do it or not; after all, safety comes first.

+ Look before you jump and don’t go it alone

While you may be inspired to your first extreme adventure, interesting to know that the highest cliff dive recorded belongs to LASO SCHALLER 58.80 m - 192 ft. A Brazilian-born canyoneer has set a pulsating world record after leaping almost 60 meters from a cliff and into a pool of water.

Unbelievable, right?


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