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A trendy beach bag, where you can put everything that matters when hitting those warm beaches. For a multi-functional bag that’s great at the beach as well as for day-to-day use, the Everyday Lightweight Tote. This tote is perfect for your weekend at the beach or in town. 


Waterproof fabric, 18.90"(48cm) x 11.81"(30cm) x 7.01"(18cm), 

  • 27.51 Oz. Made from high-grade waterproof fabric, durable, water-resistant.
  • One main compartment, big enough to bring purse, cosmetic case, sunglasses, etc.
  • Constructed with interior pockets all the way around, small items easy to find.
  • Comfortable and sturdy portable belt.

Explore under the palms (Red) Tote Bag

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